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The financial results for the 2007, 2006 and 2005 financial years reflect the continued strong growth in new wave services as we drive value from transforming the business. Our results reflect the continuing transformation of our business operations and markets in an environment where the pace of change is accelerating. We are driving the change by providing our customers with new technology and services with greater capabilities and lower cost. The focus on delivering the strategy continued and the groupís performance benefited from the growth in new wave activities, such as networked IT services and broadband, and our continued cost efficiency programmes. Our global networked IT services business has grown and our global capabilities have been strengthened by the successful acquisitions of INS and Counterpane in the 2007 financial year, Radianz and Atlanet in the 2006 financial year and Infonet and Albacom in the 2005 financial year. The acquisitions of PlusNet and in the 2007 financial year have also strengthened our online sales and service capabilities as well as helping us to provide our customers with the most that broadband can offer.

     In this Financial review the commentary is focused principally on the trading results of BT Group before specific items, a non GAAP measure. This is consistent with the way that financial performance is measured by management and we believe allows a meaningful comparison to be made of the trading results of the group during the period under review. The directors believe that the presentation of the groupís results in this way is relevant to an understanding of the groupís financial performance as specific items are significant one-off or unusual in nature and have little predictive value.
     Specific items are therefore analysed and discussed separately from the line of business results in this Financial review.
     The commentary in this Financial review also discusses trading results including and excluding the impact of acquisitions. In discussing underlying performance (excluding the impact of acquisitions) we exclude the results of the Albacom and Infonet acquisitions made in the 2005 financial year. The acquisitions made in the 2007 and 2006 financial years do not have a significant impact on the group results for the year and hence are not excluded.
     The following table shows the summarised income statement and includes a reconciliation of the key financial performance measures before and after specific items and is discussed further in this Financial review. The operating results by line of business are discussed in addition to the overall group results as we believe the activities and markets they serve are distinct and this analysis provides a greater degree of insight to investors.

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