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The rights issue in June 2001 and the demerger of O2 in November 2001 adjusted the value for capital gains tax purposes of BT shares.

Rights issue
An explanatory note on the effects of the rights issue on the CGT position relating to BT shareholdings is available from the Shareholder Helpline.

Demerger of O2 capital gains tax calculation
The confirmed official opening prices for BT Group and O2 shares on 19 November 2001 following the demerger were 285.75p and 82.75p respectively. This means that, of the total (combined) value of 368.50p, 77.544% is attributable to BT Group and 22.456% to O2. Accordingly, for CGT calculations, the base cost of BT Group shares and O2 shares is calculated by multiplying the acquisition cost of a BT shareholding by 77.544% and 22.456%, respectively.


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