Group risk factors

In common with all businesses, BT is affected by a number of risk factors, not all of which are wholly within our control. Although many of the risk factors influencing our performance are macroeconomic and likely to affect the performance of businesses generally, others are particular to our operations.
     This section highlights some of those particular risks affecting our business but it is not intended to be an extensive analysis of all risk affecting our business. Some risks may be unknown to us and other risks, currently regarded as immaterial, could turn out to be material. All of them have the potential to impact our business, revenue, profits, assets, liquidity and capital resources adversely.
     We have a defined enterprise-wide risk management process for identifying, evaluating and managing the significant risks faced by the group. The key features of the risk management process are provided in the statement on Internal control and risk management. The group risk register captures the most significant risks facing the business over a three year strategic planning horizon. Each risk is assigned a senior management owner responsible for monitoring and evaluating the risk and the mitigation strategies. The group risk register has been reviewed by the Operating Committee before being reviewed and approved by the Board.
     The risk factors below are all identified on the group risk register and should be considered against the background of our risk management process. The risk factors discussed in this section are considered to be consistent with the principal risks and uncertainties facing the group. The risk factors should also be considered in connection with the statement on Internal control and risk management, the forward-looking statements in this document and the Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements.

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