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3. Turnover

Group’s share of associates’ and joint ventures’ turnover comprised:
2003 2002 2001
£m £m £m

Joint ventures:
   Continuing activities 425   2,752   3,420
   Discontinued activities   76   598
425 2,828 4,018
   Continuing activities 1,030   1,297   1,205
   Discontinued activities   639   4,714
1,030 1,936 5,919

Group’s share of associates’ and joint ventures’ turnover 1,455 4,764 9,937

Concert, the joint venture with AT&T, was formed on 5 January 2000 and was unwound on 1 April 2002 (see note 18). The group’s share of trading with Concert in the 2001 and 2002 financial years, primarily in respect of international calls made to and from the UK and for services provided to Concert in the UK for the multinational customers transferred to Concert, is eliminated in arriving at total turnover, including the proportionate share of the group’s associates and joint ventures, and is added back in arriving at group turnover.

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