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Demerger and capital reduction

The demerger of mmO2, the group’s former mobile phone business, was completed in November 2001. The demerger, scheme of arrangement and associated reduction in capital were approved by shareholders in October 2001 and the High Court in November 2001. The demerger of mmO2 created two new listed companies and dealings in BT Group and mmO2 shares commenced on 19 November 2001. BT shareholders on record on 16 November 2001, received one BT Group plc share and one mmO2 plc share for each existing British Telecommunications plc share held. Based on the first day’s dealings on the London Stock Exchange, BT Group represented approximately 78% of the equity value of the former BT group and mmO2 represented approximately 22%.

On the demerger, net assets of £19,490 million attributable to mmO2 were distributed to shareholders in the form of a demerger distribution. mmO2 assumed approximately £500 million of debt, with the bulk of the outstanding debt remaining with the continuing BT Group. The reduction of capital had the effect of increasing distributable reserves in BT Group plc by £9,537 million.

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