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New UK accounting standards

Under a new UK accounting standard, FRS 17 ‘‘Retirement benefits’’, the method of accounting for defined benefit pensions will be substantially changed. The Accounting Standards Board has delayed the full adoption of this new standard until our 2006 financial year. The pension cost charged to the profit and loss account would have been lower under FRS 17 than SSAP 24 in the 2003 financial year. Net financing costs will be volatile reflecting movements in the value of the scheme assets and interest rates. Pension fund actuarial gains and losses, including investment returns varying from the assumed returns, will be recorded in full in the statement of total recognised gains and losses annually. Pension fund deficits, calculated in accordance with prescribed rules in the standard, will be shown on the balance sheet as will any surpluses to the extent we expect to obtain value from them in the foreseeable future. In accordance with the transitional rules of the standard the pension fund deficit and profit and loss charge calculated under FRS 17 is disclosed in note 31. It should be noted that the deficit is largely dependent on the strength of equity markets at the balance sheet date and is expected to be volatile.

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