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Consolidated financial statements

The consolidated financial statements are divided into the following sections:
Accounting policies
Group profit and loss account
Group statement of total recognised gains
and losses
Group cash flow statement
Group balance sheet
Notes to the financial statements
  Changes in accounting policy and presentation and discontinued activities
  Segmental analysis
  Operating costs
  Group’s share of operating (loss) profit of associates and joint ventures
  Profit on sale of fixed asset investments and group undertakings
  Interest receivable
  Interest payable
  Tax on profit (loss) on ordinary activities
  Minority interests
  Earnings (loss) per share
  Reconciliation of operating profit (loss) to operating cash flows
  Management of liquid resources
  Acquisitions and disposals
  Net debt
  Intangible fixed assets
  Tangible fixed assets
  Fixed asset investments
  Current asset investments
  Loans and other borrowings
  Other creditors
  Provisions for liabilities and charges
  Reconciliation of movement in shareholders’ funds
  Related party transactions
  Financial commitments, contingent liabilities and subsequent events
  Pension costs
  Directors’ emoluments
  People employed
  Employee share plans
  Financial instruments and risk management
  Company balance sheet
  Post balance sheet events

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