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  Annual review and summary financial statement 2003
Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of BTís strategy and is a part of everything we do. Weíre committed to listening to our customers, both through our millions of day-to-day interactions with them and through one of the largest customer research programmes in the UK.

More than 2,000 residential customers and a similar number of our smaller business customers every month get the chance to tell us what they think of us, and we have a monthly tracking survey of our major corporate customers.

Listening to our customers has helped us understand what they want from us. And what they want from us couldnít be clearer:

  • we must be easy to contact

  • we must keep them informed (we shouldnít need to be chased)

  • we must take ownership of their issues and champion their cause

  • we must live up to the commitments we make to them. Itís as simple - and as tough - as that.

Customers have the right to expect the same levels of service from all parts of BT; itís our job to deal with issues of organisation and overlap, not theirs. We can only achieve this by ensuring that all parts of BT are aligned to meet customer requirements.

We see excellent service as a chance to get on the front foot with our customers. For example, we call our HomeMover package customers two days in advance of their move, and on the day itself, to make sure everythingís OK.

We donít always get it right, but weíre determined to reduce to a minimum the number of times we get it wrong. And thatís why BT has set itself a customer service challenge to reduce customer dissatisfaction levels by 25% every year.

During the year, we beat that target by delivering a 37% reduction in customer dissatisfaction with BT overall. All areas of the business improved satisfaction levels, with particularly significant improvements among our international and wholesale customers. And, in most areas of business, satisfaction with BT is well ahead of satisfaction with our competitors.

We believe that personal accountability, backed by efficient systems, will deliver the right customer experience. But it doesnít really matter what we think. In the end, itís our customers who will decide whether or not weíve succeeded.

Driving up customer satisfaction
Weíre here for every one of our more than 20 million customers, not the other way round. Whether itís a retail or wholesale customer, large business or single consumer, government department or charitable organisation, our job is to ensure that they get the value-for-money service they need, when they need it.
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