AGM information

  If you are on the BT Group Register of Members at 6.00 pm on 14 July 2008:
  arrow you have the right to attend, speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting; and  
  arrow if you are not attending the meeting, you may appoint someone else as your proxy or proxies to attend the meeting and/or vote on your behalf by post, fax, over the internet or by telephone.  
  The number of shares you hold at the above register deadline will decide how many votes you or your proxy(ies) will have if there is a poll. For more information about appointing a proxy, please read the notes on the enclosed Proxy Card.  
  Time and place of meeting  
  Time – 10.30 am on 16 July 2008. Doors open at 9.30 am to the shareholder helpdesk, for questions and queries, and to the reception area which will include a display of BT’s services.  
  Place – The Barbican Centre located at Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS.  
  Shareholders with disabilities  
  The following facilities will be available  
  arrow sound amplification  
  arrow induction loop  
  arrow sign language interpretation  
  arrow Palantype speech-to-text transcription  
  The Barbican Centre is wheelchair accessible. Parking spaces are available for disabled drivers. For advice and to book a space, call 020 7638 8891. Anyone accompanying a shareholder in need of assistance will be admitted to the meeting.  
  Shareholders will have the opportunity to ask questions before voting takes place on each resolution. If you wish to ask a question, please make your way to a question point where someone will help you.
    If you are coming to the AGM  
    If you will be attending our AGM please can you call our Shareholder Helpline in advance on Freefone 0808 100 4141, (+44 121 415 7178 from outside the UK) or e-mail using a subject header of “BT AGM 2008”, and quoting your shareholder reference number. We will send you details of how to get there.  
  Joint shareholders
  If you are joint shareholders, all of you can attend and speak at the meeting. However, you will be entitled to vote there only if you are the first shareholder listed on the Register of Members.
  Corporate representatives
  If you are a corporate shareholder, and you are considering appointing a corporate representative, please refer to the recent guidance issued by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) on proxies and corporate representatives – see The guidance includes a sample form of representation letter to appoint the Chairman as a corporate representative. Otherwise, you can contact our Registrars, Equiniti.
  Data Protection Statement
  The Company (references to ‘Company’ include BT Group plc and British Telecommunications plc) collects and processes information provided by you, or on your behalf, which relates to you as an individual shareholder or as a participant in EasyShare or other scheme or plan. This information (which is your personal data) includes your name and contact details, the votes you cast and the Reference Number attributed to you by the Company. The Company may process your personal data for the purposes of compiling and updating the Company records, fulfilling its legal obligations, processing the shareholder rights you exercise, and contacting you with shareholder information and related communications. The Company may engage a third party to do this (for example our Registrars, Equiniti) who may process your personal data on the Company’s behalf.
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