BT's Supply Chain

is a new player with power

About us

At BT's Supply Chain we match innovation with experience.

It’s time to rethink what your supply chain can deliver, to harness complexity and increase performance. That’s why BT's Supply Chain is opening up its doors to a new and select group of customers, promising innovation coupled with a wealth of experience.

Our highly-engaged workforce is using the very latest technology and business processes to make your supply chain work harder. By doing so, we can improve efficiency, deliver greater customer satisfaction and grow your business.

And behind the promise is over three decades of experience. We run a day-to-day operation that already handles tens of thousands of orders. We boast unprecedented scale, reach and infrastructure that comes with being an integral part of BT.

Because we are the spine of BT’s operations, we cover every corner of the UK, active in parts of the country that our competitors don’t touch.

Our reach is such that BT may be a significant part of your supply chain already. Let us show you how we can extend that relationship and deliver innovation to the heart of your supply chain.


 BT's Supply Chain:

  • overhauled our legacy systems to create one single technology enabled platform for growth
  • reaches tens of thousands of B2B and B2C customers every day
  • provides a broad range of services that already serve the country’s largest engineering field force, including test and repair of all engineer equipment from their personal protective clothing to Calibration
  • created a new staging and configuration centre that allows pre-installation of network servers and other hardware