Your supply chain

can help you gain competitive edge

How we work

Keep your customers happy and they will come back again and again. That means building a business that runs efficiently, is able to grow and can react to change.

It’s why we believe a flexible but complex supply chain is a fundamental part of your offer to customers. It’s also the route to greater profitability and success.

Our expertise includes forecast and demand planning, inventory management, customer service, forward and reverse logistics, safety testing and repair, and staging and configuration. In short, we offer a complete range of services that your business – and your customers – need.

Through better management of your assets, by offering greater availability and by delivering a service - not just orders - your supply chain can become your competitive edge.

For that, you need insight. According to research from KPMG, fewer than two thirds of organisations have good analytics across their supply chain. We can help with that.

In a time of rapid change you need to treat your supply chain as more than just a support function.


 BT's Supply Chain:

  • already underpins BT’s many and varied B2B and B2C needs
  • helps BT reduce costs and meet performance targets
  • helped BT’s Technology, Service & Operations unit reduce cycle times in critical spares management by over 30 per cent
  • helped deliver the technology underpinning the 2012 Olympic Games in London; and
  • was a key partner in the launch of BT Sport, the award-winning sports broadcaster