are as important as infrastructure

Our people

You can’t manage a successful supply chain without the right people – experienced, knowledgeable and committed.

BT's Supply Chain can help improve efficiency, create greater customer satisfaction and grow your business. And at the heart of our offer to you are the people we employ: strategic leaders, day-to-day managers and frontline staff. Together they deliver a single supply chain experience.

Our teams understand that supply chain is more than a process. They understand that it’s an asset, critical to the success of the business. As such, it needs people who can think on their feet and solve problems. BT's Supply Chain has those people.

When the unexpected arises, you want to know that the first person you call is dedicated to fixing the issues you face. That’s why we employ the best people and then invest to further their careers. The reward is a strong, passionate and loyal team which wants to improve performance wherever it can.

From pick and dispatch operators to warehouse managers, engineers, consultants, futurologists, technologists, account teams and senior managers our team has the specialist skills to help your business.


 At BT's Supply Chain:

  • we have created apprentice positions within our testing and repair, and staging and configuration divisions
  • we recruit school leavers and help develop their careers
  • 20 per cent of our staff have moved into higher grade roles during the last 2 years
  • all of our managers are supported through BT’s leadership training programme
  • more than 50 per cent of the ideas that help to drive the business forward come from team members, not management