enables business edge

Our technology

Supply chain solutions are delivered using leading systems and technology giving greater control to our customers, reducing mistakes, speeding up the flow of products and leading to better decisions. In all, it adds up to business edge.

The in-house IT team combine best of breed applications and integration technologies to deliver an integrated end to end service. The team can call on the full IT resources available across BT where specific expertise is required. Areas such as customer integration, reporting solutions, and mobility.

On top of this is a dedicated team of supply chain systems personnel with experience in the delivery of supply chain specific applications. Such as, warehouse management, inventory management and transport management.

BT's Supply Chain has an efficient and effective technology to deliver service to both BT and its customers, but it is not resting on its laurels. It has a significant investment programme to ensure it stays at the forefront of practical, efficient and effective technological solutions.


Technology underpins every stage of our service:

  • HighJump warehouse management: A leading edge solution that embodies all of the current best practice in warehouse management processes providing unmatched adaptability as the business evolves.
  • Reporting: A sophisticated and integrated reporting solution so customers can see their data in the format they want, whenever they need it.
  • Asset tracking: For an external customer, we’re able to rapidly deliver a full end to end asset tracking solution.
  • Customer Integration: We can offer a full range of technology for customers to interwork with BT.
  • Supplier and courier integration: We have in place system integrations with the leading suppliers of courier services and technology producers allowing full transparency through to the end customer.
  • Quality: our B2C channels are monitored to ensure service quality and our B2B channels have stock located in the best locations across our estate to reduce fulfilment time.