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Telefocus historical image gallery

Telefocus is the BT Archives image gallery showcasing over 1,500 historic photographs from the archive collections, from the 1860s onwards. The gallery offers a fascinating insight into the history of telecommunications through free downloadable images and includes:

  • 1860s - The Atlantic telegraph, its routes & information on the S.S. Great Eastern
  • circa 1860 - a Birmingham telegraph lineman complete with top hat which was used to keep his tools in
  • circa 1900 - National Telephone Company: switchroom, Holborn Exchange, London
  • 1936 - Jane Cain, the first voice of the Speaking Clock
  • 1966 – BT Tower and red telephone kiosk, London
  • 1986 - Tessa Sanderson holding an opal cellphone

The gallery can be accessed at www.bt.com/archives-telefocus