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Policy and Regulation

Communications and TV services are regulated in the UK, the EU and around the world. We work with regulators, politicians and policy-makers to make sure regulatory and policy environments are supportive of high quality, digital services.

Here you’ll find details of the work we do in policy areas. And details of who to speak to if you’d like more information.


Promoting competition and investment in fibre networks - approach to remedies

BT has responded to Ofcom’s consultation on the approach to remedies from 2021 onwards. BT supports Ofcom’s ambition of promoting widespread investment in fibre networks, and our response sets out how remedies must reflect prospective competition. 

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Future of Telephone Numbers

We support Ofcom’s aims in ensuring numbering usage is simplified to provide clarity for consumers and remains fit for the future.

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BT's Commitments update

We're committed to delivering on our promise to make Openreach a more independent company from BT.

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